Application for Niall Spiutssen

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Application for Niall Spiutssen

Post by Inferno33 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:48 am

Name of Chiefdom/Province: The Green Isle

Name of Chieftain/Governor: Niall Spiutssen

Titles: Grand Jarl of The Green Isle, Lella's Chosen.

Background Information:
The Ancient Isle
Long before the First Jarls came, what is now known as The Green Isle was a mash of petty kings and Chieftains fighting and vying for control. The most powerful lord of The Green Isle, The High King, controlled most of the others through tribute, but only in name did he rule. The Old Druidic Order were hard set into the people from centuries of practice. But storms were brewing for the People of The Isle.

Bloody Shores
Strange ships had been reported by people since forever ago. Oblong sailing ships that pried the coasts of The Twin Isles, strange men with stranger traditions. They came to trade at first, bringing fine goods the People had never seen, then the Raids came. The same ships, tipped with prows of animals and the deafening sounds of drum and horn, brought fire and destruction to the lands. They fought with savagery not seen before in The Twin Isles, not there for power or honor, but for blood, glory, and riches. These bloody, devout warriors from northern shores, unknown to the Isle natives, had been raiding all over the North Seas between and even into the two grand empires, In The Empire of Mare Nostrum they were known as vikings. Eventually the Raids slowed, but something greater was sailing over the horizon.

The Crimson Army
Like all things, the Raids slowed in their regularity , and The High King payed no attention what this could mean. The 'long' ships did return, but not with more raiders, a real army rode them through the seas. They were headed by the Great Dragon Ship, sailed by the first Grand Jarl Uglubathr Spiutsson. He was a renowned warrior who brought glory to Lella, the Earth Mother of Blood and War, but he had no land or clan to call his own, so he struck out. He started raiding The Green Isle before, now he brought his band of warriors and followers along with him to carve their own kingdom. They landed along the eastern coast and marched on the petty lord there, he fell quickly, getting these warriors a great base for their conquest. They made war with The High King from their and once he fell they subjugated the rest of the Lords.

The Modern Isles
The Jarls have resided on The Green Isle ever since, adapting to the native ways. They kept their old pantheon of bloody gods, but adapted the Drudic Order into the blood rituals of their religion, Toando. The Jarls took native women as concubines and true wives, even learning the language. But the native culture changed along with them, eventually coming together to create what would be called/known as Goidelic, the shared culture of the current Green Isle Jarls and Inhabitants. In this melting pot is where Niall born into the responsibility of controlling it.

The Grand Jarl Niall
Niall was the 5th Generation of Spiutsson's to rule under the title of Grand Jarl, first proving himself through sacrificing his younger brother, who tried to usurp his throne, to Lella via bloodletting. He would go on like his father centralizing the Grand Jarl's power, away from the petty Jarls and Chieftains under them, but Niall, with his clear setting of power by sacrificing his brother, was able to fuse the title of High Jarl with the head of The Toando Congregation, Lella's Chosen. With this power both he and his father led both trade and raiding expeditions into The Pictish Kingdom and The Empire of Mare Nostrum, a consent rouge factor in The Twin Isles. Niall recognizes the weakness of Mare Nostrum with its child emperor, and now readies his sights, and ships, towards the other side of The Twin Isles.

I couldn't get the map to work, but I claim the entire island which is basically Ireland, capital is where Dublin is, but called Dyflin

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Re: Application for Niall Spiutssen

Post by Lucius » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:43 pm


Fear him, for to earn his ire is to earn the ire of the Celestial Gods of the Far East

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