Update on Lucius' Nation RP

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Update on Lucius' Nation RP

Post by Saphalus » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:25 am

Hello, everyone.

Lucius and I have talked and he has answered some questions regarding the progress of the RP.
The following questions are what I have asked Lucius and his answers to the questions.

1. Can I get a summary of what you have worked on, and what you've been working on right now?

Lucius: Currently, I've finished The Begining Rules which we may need to alter as we go forth and learn new things through this experience.
I started making the map, using the same software(Webware?) that Drin used to make the Nation RP. I'll continue working on it until it's finished.

2. May I see the map in whatever state it is in so I can get a better look at the whole process?

Lucius: Image

3. Are those the name of the regions?

Lucius: No, well, nevermind. Those are pre-generated nations.

4. Are you usually this preoccupied?
Note: To give context to this question, Lucius has told me that he is preparing for Friday Prayer and he is going to be travelling to the mosque which according to him, is far from his location. He also said that he goes to visit relatives sometimes. Hence, the question.

Lucius: No.

5. In terms of the progress of the map, what are you working on? Like, what part is in the process of being made?

Lucius: I want to add some kind of Africa-like continent and a few island chains. So I'm nearly done.

6. Just a rough estimation, how much time will it take to finish it?

Lucius: If I'm lucky I can finish it today, we'll have to see when I can get enough free time to finish this. It should only take a few hours though. Unless real-life gets in the way.

Further questions can be asked below if needed or by contacting Lucius itself. Thank you and have a nice day.

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