Aeneas XXI

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Aeneas XXI

Post by AngryScientist77 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:14 pm

(I'm tired of being poor in both real life and in "Orphans," so I want to try something totally different.)


Name: Aeneas XXI
Age: 25
Place of Birth: The Megalopolis of Londinium
Gender: male

Racial Origin: His family claims to be of almost "pure" European ancestry -- his family claims a higher percentage from Italy/Ancient Rome than is true. They actually only have a few ancestors from the Italian peninsula, most have Angle, Saxon, Norman, orDanish backgrounds and a few of his ancestors are from "other" or "unknown" backgrounds (but the family doesn't talk about that much).

Social Class/Community Status: Higher than average, but not as high as they like to pretend
Languages: English, Old/Middle English, Latin, and little bit of several other languages

Physical Description

Height: 5' 10.5" (but he sometimes claims to be 6.0' especially when he wears boots with heels)
Weight: 175 (but he knows it should be 160 to 165). He is healthy but not large. He works out, but mostly as a duty rather than as a true joy.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Detailed Physical Description: He has a couple of scars and he nearly always hides, but he sometimes shows them people if he thinks it will get the right kind of attention
Typical Clothing/Equipment: He likes to dress up some, but not "too" much
People have grown to expect him to be just slightly over dressed, but what he is really known for is for saying things like, "Please help me with the oxygen regenerating plants in the hydroponics bay -- you can tell me more about your parents while we work on the plants. The last time we spoke, you said that your mother didn't breast feed you and your father hit you. How do you feel about that?"


Personality/Attitude: He is self-conscious about feeling as though he has never "found himself" or "his place" in "this world" and he assumes that others feel the same way. It was only in the last couple of years that he has discovered that this can be a strength and that it can help him in a new role as a multi-roled member of a team on a new world.

Skills/Talents: Ambidextrous in both mind and body, he truly does find lots of things interesting and legitimately had a difficult time selecting a major -- not because he didn't like any of them, but because he enjoyed several of them. On Earth, this was a disadvantage when seeking a job/career, but on Mars, this is a tremendous advantage. With skills in many areas, his family pushed him to be among the first to go to Mars. Without the financial leverage to make all of the next generation successful (in spite of themselves) and no military targets left on Earth, his family pushed him to "go use those diverse skills to help conquer Mars for the glory of your family and for the glory of Rome and for you own career... and for the women who will hopefully, eventually consider you worthy."

Likes: He is honestly interested in almost everything.

Dislikes: Although he participated in sports, he never excelled, as he feared crossing certain thresholds of personal danger. He is certain that going to Mars is just beyond that threshold, but he has committed himself to doing it anyway.

Goals/Ambitions: To make his family proud

Strengths: Diverse knowledge -- he spent many years in college, earned two majors and two and a half minors -- on Earth this was considered a "waste," but the Mars mission commanders consider this an "asset" and a "strength" He hopes very much to survive and to discover that they are correct.

Weaknesses: alcohol, none is being sent to Mars, but with some cooperation from one of the mechanical engineers or from one of the senior technicians, he could make a distillery (or "still") feed by scraps and food wastes. He hopes very much to make this happen.

Fears: This link says it better than I/he can.

Hobbies/Interests: various

Philosophy of Life: life is gift, but one should avoid the things listed in this video , and one should always hide ones one fear

Attitude Toward Death: pretty much the same as his philosophy of life

Religion/Beliefs: He has great doubts about Jupiter and the official Roman gods. He has great interest in the illegal people of "The Way" that use a fish symbol and cross.

A Memorable Experience: That's a secret

Education/Special Training: As stated above, he has a bachelors degree with a double major (biology and psychology) and double minor -- his broad education is one of his biggest strengths. He is not specifically trained as a field/combat medic, but his broad educational background and biology background have prepared him extremely well for basic first aid and minor medical care (but those experiences have not prepared him to assist during a surgery or a horrific medical event).

Occupation: biologist and counselor/psychologist (junior grade)

Work-related Skills: various (see above and below)

Past Occupations: brat, student, hydroponics tech, psychologist - junior grade

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Re: Aeneas XXI

Post by Sarah » Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:28 am

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