Damir Avzalov

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Damir Avzalov

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Name: Damir Avzalov
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Kazan
Gender: Male
Racial Origin: Volga Tatar
Social Class/Community Status: High-Middle class, Well known Medical Scientist in the Province of Russia
Languages: First Language: Tartar, knows Latin and Russian

Physical Description

Height: 5'10" (177.8 cm)
Weight: 190 lbs (86.2 kg)
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Hazel
Detailed Physical Description: Not particularly strong but sturdy, his mixed Russo-Tatar heritage gives him what could be described as a Russian with tanner skin, and has a prosthetic lower right leg.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Almost always seen wearing his prized black sateen Tubeteika, casually wears normal clothes but with a Turkish style vest, Carries a supply of medical equipment in field for on site medical attention and testing.


Personality/Attitude: They like to be helpful and analytical but is secretive about many things, has that pioneering spirit to keep going
Skills/Talents: General medical attention and testing,
Likes: Outdoors, riddles, Fantasy, horror & mystery novels and playing cards
Dislikes: Mimes, Fried rice, parties and hot climates
Goals/Ambitions: To help pave the way to this new frontier and keep the team alive to get back home.
Strengths: Self-confidence, dedication and Creative thinking.
Weaknesses: Loneliness, risk taking and hyper-focus
Fears: Clowns, Lives being lost because of their action or inaction
Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, Poker, Researching
Philosophy of Life: We all have choices to make in life, make the ones you want.
Attitude Toward Death: Death comes to us all, but you can still save a life.
Religion/Beliefs: Publicly acknowledges the Latin gods, but secretly Practices Christianity
A Memorable Experience: On a winter hike around the Urals he had slipped and fell while in heavy snow fall, getting himself hurt in the frozen temperatures, so he radioed for help and waited for help. By the time the rescue team to there, they ended up having to amputate his right foot and lower right leg from frostbite, this is how he got his prosthetic leg.
Education/Special Training: Degrees in Medical science, Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering, a M.D, and space training
Occupation: Medical Biologist
Work-related Skills: First aid and Illness prevention
Past Occupations: Medical Lab Technician then a Medical Researcher

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Re: Damir Avzalov

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