Citizenship Application - Germanicus

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Citizenship Application - Germanicus

Post by Germanicus » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:37 am

1. Please state the name of your nation in The Empire of Mare Nostrum: Verxorus
2. Please state the name of your nation in the World Assembly: Emeraabisland
3. Please state how you learned of The Empire of Mare Nostrum: ...
4. Please list any organizations, in NationStates, that you have currently pledged loyalty to: The North Pacific, Osiris, Caer Sidi, The Coalition of Conservative States, The Kingdom of Valeria, Redlandia, Thaecia
5. Please repeat the following oath in your citizenship application:

I, Germanicus, hereby swear my allegiance to the Emperor of Mare Nostrum, to the Empire of Mare Nostrum, and to the Constitution of Mare Nostrum
Auxilarch of Emeraabisland
Leading Council of Populares

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