Course Application for Self Development and Control

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Course Application for Self Development and Control

Post by Saphalus » Sat May 04, 2019 12:52 am

What is the official title of your course?

Self-Development and Control

How many lectures will this course consist of (must be 3 or more)?

There will be 7 lectures.

Give a brief 1-2 paragraph description of your course and what it will cover:

This course is meant to help anyone who wish to discover, develop, and control one's life. It is highly based around several books that I've read and also around my experience with trying out their ideas. I've come to the conclusion that the books weren't entirely helpful, but weren't entirely useless either. So, I want to lay out my ideas about self-development and self-control.

The course will first cover Self-Discovery (About 2 lectures), meaning investigating one's inner conditions. This will try to explore and help subjects which currently has troubles detetmining who they are and who they want to be. Identifying this will be imperative to the rest of the lectures.

The course will then cover Time Management (about 2 lectures). There are many time management methods out there but it should be noted that it should not be followed, at least not all of them. I will lay out a proposition and a formula to determining what time managing method would work best for someone.

I will then cover Good Strategies (about 2 lectures). This is the part which I want to cover the most as it is very important and is one of the main crux of the course. Determining strategies to use to reach a certain goal is essential in trying to fulfill that goal.

Then, lastly, I will cover How to Deal with Tragedy and Conflict as the final lecture. This is something that I personally want to share with everyone. I had many 'lowest points' in my life and it has taken me many endeavors to try and get rid of them all. This part will cover many life philosophies and attitudes and try to explain their usage and adaptability to your life.

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