The Lion's Holy Crusade

The library of the Revelations of the Most High Gods, from the mouths of the Revelators to our hearts.
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The Lion's Holy Crusade

Post by Megaleiotha Eirhno » Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:09 pm

The First Book of the Lion's Holy Crusade

When I had read the scroll, a voice whispered in my ear:

Take up a staff, sword and scroll, and approach the sun as it rises. There you will find the servants of the Lion, who will give unto you their sacred texts.

I took up my staff and sword, and placing the sword in its sheath on my back, I began to venture east. Over hill and under forests, through great cities and humble villages, on toward the edge of the land I walked. I came upon great fields of green and yellow, but as I went the life around began to fade. Green turned to brown, yellow to grey. The smell of the ocean gently rose up, and then like a wave crashed over me all at once. But something else came with--an odor fowl and covered in memories of time long gone by. I climbed one last hill, and below a sheer cliff fell. I looked down, and realized the source of the scent: a field once of grain for the sustenance of human beings was transformed to field of their bodies. Blood and bones lay scattered around, while smouldering ash still rose to the sky. A few scattered soldiers still lived, calling out glorious chants for their king and bravery, or crying out for mercy from their suffering. Blue banners and grey uniforms intermixed on the ground, the glorious last stand of two great rivals who fought one another for the right to rule this land.

Suddenly, a bright light erupted over the sky, and the roar shook the ground below. The Lion appeared before me, and announced,

Behold, my scripture.

The cliff on which I stood began to shake, and rocks poured down, crushing those still hanging to life in the field below. The victorious began to cheer, and the Lion began to laugh haughtily in the sky. In the midst of the avalanche, a path appeared before me. I followed it into a cave, hidden within the hill. There, on a rock with skeletons as bodyguards, stood the First Book of the Lion's Holy Crusade:

In the beginning, there was chaos.

Out of the chaos there was spoken a word.

From the word all the gods were born, and there was chaos.

Out of the chaos Tehrion the Lion rose. Behold! The god who cannot be killed. Behold! The god who brings about death. Behold! The god who slays gods.

Gods unified against the Lion to slay him, yet the Lion could not be slain. He killed a dozen gods, and then a dozen more, and from their flesh he drew out the blood with which the Lion made mankind.

We are those born of gods' blood. So we must slay in order to live.

Peace is found only in conquest. War is the only answer.

Behold! The god who demands sacrifice. Behold! The god who brings about death. Behold! The god who will save us.

This is the soldier's god. All praise the Lion!
Emperor Emeritus of Mare Nostrum

First Revelator of the Most High Gods

Father of Akillian, Edward, Paulus Gaius, and Rex Ciphra


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