Land of None, Part I

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Land of None, Part I

Post by Saphalus » Thu May 30, 2019 8:47 am

Written by Saphalus
It has been several hours since I took off, I’m currently letting my boat takes me where it needs to go. I have full confidence that Krygk will guide me despite how disconcerting that may sounds.

The mist is also starting to thicken up, that can’t be good. The entire premise around me is also becoming opaque in color due to the mist covering it up. I should’ve brought a book with me to wait this entire journey out.

My boat has bumped into something. I can barely see anything cause of the mist but I believe I arrived in some kind of docking premise. Would this mean that this is the place Krygk wants me to go to? I can only find out by seeing it for myself, so here goes nothing.

The wooden platform is very weak and seems to suggest that it has been a while since anyone performed maintenance. I could kick one of the planks really hard and it would just pop right off into the water. And my hardest kick can’t even hurt anyone but myself.

In the water, I saw many skeletal remains swimming to the docks. Well, maybe not literally, but the water is making them do that. What a grim thing to look at. I guess the docks have really remained out of use for a long time.

Walking further for many minutes, I found several abandoned establishments, most likely former warehouses of the docks, though I’ve never seen a warehouse with style like these.

The wind is also being highly eerie. I could’ve sworn that I heard someone call out to me. I better go to one of the warehouses to shelter myself for a while. I can’t stand the cold that this wind condition is trying to pull.

Huh, the door has a metal handle. Rich or royalty owner, I guess? Even more so than the damn king I killed, that’s for sure.

Inside the warehouse, darkness shrouded everything. I grabbed a matchstick from somewhere in my pocket and lit one on. The moment I do that, a face appears right before me.

“Goddamn it, Krygk! What are you doing here?” I said surprised.

Krygk giggled and without saying anything, pointed his index finger to one side of the dark. A candle lit at the exact same time and reveals a wooden desk. On it, a piece of paper that seems to be torn from a book.

Before I could respond to Krygk’s action, he had already disappeared. Whelp, can’t do anything now but sigh at the god.

I approach the desk and see what was on the paper. It was an entry from someone’s journal. It reads:
Unknown wrote:This should be the last entry. Everyone has desperately run to the docks. Unfortunately, every functional boat or ship has taken off already. But, that doesn’t stop people from trying the ones broken. The Council is doing ‘everything’ they can to protect the people, or at least that’s what they said. I wish everything could just go back the way it used to be. Me, guarding the docks with Caellina, without worry of an attack.

Where’s the Council and their words of ‘protecting the people’?

Where’s everyone and their words of ‘standing up with courage’?

In the end, they all ran away, at least I think so. Can’t really find out much while staying in this warehouse. It’s just me – guarding the warehouse – alone. We should’ve never defied Them. But no, everyone had to put up their act of ‘courage’ and ‘bravery’ and ‘honor’. Look where that got us.

Misesere Mei Deus.
After finished reading it, I saw Krygk near me, smiling as if he’s excited to tell me something.

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