Legends, Lore, and History of the Vistulan Peoples

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Legends, Lore, and History of the Vistulan Peoples

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For 500 years, the five tribes of the Vistula River fought, dividing and bloodying the lands beneath their feet, sowing the ground with bone and iron until the river they all depended on was colored red with blood. It would take great effort, great compromise, and a strong leader to bring the warring tribes together under one banner, but it was done. Not through violence as many predecessors and elders once thought, but through peace. Under Agedilio Autun Vistali and his wife Vrittia Eutrican Vistali, leaders of the Vistali Tribe, the first Grand Council would form, and with much negotiation, the First Confederation would form, electing Agedilio as the High Chieftain of the Confederation.

It has been 90 years since the foundation of the Confederation, and despite many internal crises, bloodshed among the Tribes has been avoided, and the Confederation has survived threats from beyond its borders. With closer examination we can explore the origins of the Confederation, from the founding of its gods to the lore and legends of the five tribes that make up this union of peoples. And with that we can begin to understand the underlying culture and principles of what binds these five tribes together around one, eternal fire.

The Vistulan Pantheon:

The Vistulans, while for their time of dis-unification, worshiped many different gods from many different cultures. Their gods and goddesses were largely influenced from their neighboring Gallican and Saxonian tribes, along with some influence from the Empire of Mare Nostrum. Though at first their gods and goddesses remained separate, as the five tribes interacted they began a cultural diffusion, slowly influencing each other and combining their gods and goddesses until the region was largely unified behind the Pantheon they follow now.

The Vistulans are a highly religious and superstitious folk, though not believing that their gods have direct control over their actions or speak directly to them, they do believe that their gods and goddesses have direct influence over the world. They will favor them if they act justly, and will seek retribution if they act against the gods. When they make favors to the gods and goddesses, they usually come in the forms of offerings of food, money and animals. But in more troublesome times, the Vistulans have been known to make and burn Wickermen, and on occasion commit a human sacrifice if the Religious Druids and Druidesses believe it necessary.
[+] The Vistulan Pantheon

Major Gods and Goddesses

Gehalennia - Gehalennia is known to the peoples of the Vistula by many titles, but is most often referred to as "She who commands the seas" or "The Mother of the World". She is believed to have been the creator of the world, along with her partner, Ogimos. Together they forged the oceans, land, underworld and skies, and then created the other gods to forge the world around them. Gehalennia is believed to have power over the seas and oceans, rivers, fish and other beasts of the seas, and also power over fortune and luck. She is most commonly offered tribute and favors by sailors, hoping that their voyages will be safe and the Gehalennia will favor them.

Ogimos - Known to the Vistulans as "He who commands the Earth" and "The Father of the World", Ogimos is believed to have power over the ground, creating mountains, caves, metals, and the Underworld. Together with his partner Gehalennia, they forged the world as the Vistulans know it. At the end of the World's creation, he was gifted control of the Underworld by his partner, where he protects those who travel in it and punishes the unjust in the Afterlife. Ogimos is often given favor by miners, metalworkers, and explorers.

Etain - Known to the peoples of the Vistula as "She who commands the skies", Etain is believed to be the firstborn of Ogimos and Gehalennia, and in turn was given the gift of the Sky to rule. In Vistulan Lore, she is viewed as responsible for cycle of day and night, the creation of storms and weather, and the changing of the season. She finds much crossover in favors from both sailors and farmers, who seek her protection from dangerous storms or plentiful rain to ensure that their farms do not suffer drought.

Epona - Known to the Vistulans as "She who commands Nature", Epona is seen as having command of most of the natural world. From Forests to beasts to farming, all is believed to be influenced and created by this goddess. As the second child of Ogimos and Gehalennia, she was given the gift of creation, allowing her to create life on the world. She is often viewed as a protecting figure, guarding the Vistulan peoples from the outside world, be it mythical monsters or invading tribes. She is also seen widely as a goddess of knowledge and strategy, helping guide the peoples of the Vistula through times of crisis and war. She is most commonly offered tribute by farmers and travellers, but does find herself with tribute for those seeking personal guidance and those seeking help during times of crisis.

Luhgos - Known widely as "He who protects body and mind", Lughos is seen by the Vistulans as the god Festivals, Arts, Healing, and Peace. As the thirdborn of
Ogimos and Gehalennia, he was given the gift of emotion, allowing the beasts of the world have feeling and motive. He is also believed widely as the most rebellious of the three children, being responsible for the creation of Humans in Vistulan lore. He is often viewed as a healer, saving the sick, and protecting the minds of the vunerable, like children, and influencing the "emotion of the world", what is perceived as emotional regulation by most outside scholars. He is often worshiped at Festivals and Name-days, often given gifts of food, drink, and animal sacrifices in his honor.
Minor Gods and Goddesses(Coming Soon)
The Capital City of Vergovia

Sitting at the heart of the Hearthwood forest and the fork of the Vistula, what was once a hidden Alarvi fort has become a city of 20,000, with thatch and wood houses densely packed inside its walls. With the foundation of the Confederation, Vergovia was initially chosen as the capital for its easily defendable position, but has since grown into a center of trade and culture for the Vistulan peoples.
[+] Map of the City of Vergovia
(Tribal Lore, Warband Culture, Name Conventions, and much more coming soon)

(Also just so we're clear all updates will be made in this first post, so the posts below are open for Q/A, OOC Comments, etc etc)
[+] Nation Information
Nation: Vistula Confederation
Capital: Vergovia

Executive Branch: High Chieftan and Small Council

High Chieftain: Genna Vergovia Alarvi
Chief of Trade: Lugurix Averdia Vistali
Chief of Supply: Atporix Aedia Travari
Chief of War: Rikua Cenaricum Alarvi
Chief of Laws: Tascius Veridium Coii
Chief of Whispers: Caetia Adoridum Brennoi

Legislative Branch: Grand Council of Tribes

Council Speaker: Borsus Cantium Vistali

Judicial Branch: Council of Druids

Druidess of Vergovia: Audata Gotia Alarvi

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