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Iebemicus was raised in Rome itself, a scion of a fallen Equite family. He followed the footsteps of his forefathers and joined the Roman Legions when he was able. His Legion would eventually march to the frontier and crossed the Rhine, where they were ambushed and Iebemicus was captured, or some say went voluntarily. In what follows, Iebemicus could only be described as complicit. He sold out his fellow Roman and their allies in order to preserve himself. He became well known, practically famous for his role in helping the Germanic tribes destroy others, and the Romans remembered his name. They returned with a vengeance and in due time he was captured. Instead of being executed on the spot, he was shipped back to Rome and sent into the gladiatorial ring. In the Legions he was a brilliant fighter, accomplishing things thought impossible, but now he fights hoping to see another day.

Iebemicus is a tall man, well built, and healthy. Reflective of his relatively moderate upbringing, where he never went hungry, and his time in the Legion, where has trained and proved himself capable. In the ring, he once more calls upon his legionary training and fights in the style of a murmillo. He fights with the gladius, the same weapon he used in the Legions, and with a scutum, the large rectangular shield commonly used by murmillos. He is lightly armed in the arena, practically naked, no longer fit to wear the armor of the Legions and forced to dress like the Germans he betrayed the Empire for. His only covering is his Balteus, the belt which protects him.

IBM Stock Link:

Why IBM:

IBM is an interesting company, one of the most important in building modern America. They are massive, powerful, important, but they also hold a dark secret in their history. The technology IBM developed was put into great use by Nazi Germany in orchestrating their atrocities. While this stain may have mostly washed off the real IBM, Iebemicus was not so lucky. I decided to make Iebemicus a fairly standard style gladiator (a murmillo) since IBM is a fairly standard company. They aren’t flashy, they aren’t risky, they are stability exemplified and so is Iebemicus in the battlefield.
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Re: Iebemicus

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Excellent work! Well done!

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