The Storm

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The Storm

Post by Shapirius » Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:17 pm

Rockal and Todd had gone out to survey the terrain around their base, in order to better plan for the future. As the day faded, a dust storm began to develop. With it becoming difficult to stand upright, Todd sighed. His disappointment that they hadn't managed to complete their task in one go was evident, but he had no choice. The dust storm had forced his hand.

"Rockal!" Todd yelled in his com as he gestured to his crewmate. "We need to head back!" Rockal gestured in agreement, as the storm was so loud communication was difficult. Suddenly a strong gust of wind knocked both of the astronauts to their knees. A sharp crack rang out. Todd looked back and his eyes widened in terror. The gust had caused an landslide to hurl directly towards the crewmates. Todd leapt to his feet and helped Rockal to his. The two of them took off running as the rocks began to land beside them. Todd glanced behind himself and everything faded into nothingness as he slipped into unconsciousness. The storm passed, but would anyone searching come in time before their oxygen ran out?
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Re: The Storm

Post by Inferno33 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:41 pm

Damir dawned his spacesuit, he had a medical mission. Todd and Rocky had gone out for a recon walk, but a dust storm had started and they didn't report back. He started up the rover, knowing if he didn't find them soon their Ox tanks would run out, not accounting for any holes in their suits.

He exited the lava-tub and drove around the dunes to find, Damir couldn't just leave them there on the martian surface to die. So he surveyed the surrounding area, looking for any sign. Finding them next to a massive rock slide, luckily the lighter gravity made lifting them onto the rover quicker and easier, and time was the all & important factor. He pumped the rover into overdrive, hoping not to overpower it's battery, and raced to the base.

Once he got there he rushed Rockal and Todd to the medbay, praying to the Lord to save them. He does a quick vital check on both of them, finding both having had a period of no oxygen, but Rockal had a hole in his suit causing him to leak even more oxygen and leading to complete brain death. Todd on the other hand still had some, if not barely any, brain function, so Damir hooked him up to the life support system and injected him with supplies from his med-kit, these would keep his brain from shutting down any more than it had. Damir swore to the Lord above that he would bring Todd back, and not to lose him like Rockal before him.

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