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Post by Saphalus » Mon Mar 16, 2020 3:04 pm

I'm sorry for leaving this comnunity when it was barely surviving. I shouldn't be excused for my sudden (second) leave. It seems to me that whenever I get invested at something and is about to get really involved, some real life shit happens. In my first leave, it was a national exam which overloaded my responsibility and drained my mental health. In the second one, it was school in general which again overloaded my responsibility.

I won't lie. Being in Mare Nostrum, or rather being part of the NS world, is one of the worst decisions that I have made since my real life shit was also a burden. But I also will not lie when I say that Nationstates and Mare Nostrum has meant and still means a lot to me. The friendship and as I often state, "simulation of cooperation", was pretty much the only adhesive to my (albeit short) presence in this community. I have learned a lot from my experience, and I have learned to appreciate a lot from Nationstates, especially from Mare Nostrum.

I see that the region is dead.

Mega is back though, so that's neat.

I regret leaving, but I accept that my leaving was a dick move. I hope some of you think I was a dick anyway so my leaving may be seen with a sigh of relief.

Sorry, guys. Saph being a disappointment as usual.

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