Application for Province: Provénca Aplikárci

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Application for Province: Provénca Aplikárci

Post by latineia » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:22 pm

1. State the name of your nation for the RP: Latineia (please stylise it as Latinéja)
2. State the name of your nation's ruler: Nói-Kaisár
3. Provide any additional background information for your nation of character: Latineia is a province of the Empire of Mare Nostrum. It has a high degree of autonomy, and its regional governor allows (somewhat limited) self rule. Currently, it is controlled by the fascist Partíta Latín, a party which has a goal to unify all Latin-speaking areas of the world into one single Latin state. The party was once fiercely loyal to the Emperor and the imperial goals The Language of Latineia is Gatuan, and is the vernacular of the country, whereas most government officials speak Latin. It has only been a few years since the regional government Latineia has allowed Gatuan to be used in the media.

Latineia's citizens are ethnically Latineian, and are culturally divergent from the rest of the Empire. Unlike the rest of the provinces, Latineia retains a strong nationalistic identity, and its citizens are extremely vehement about their sovereignty. Its culture is mostly roman-influenced, but it has slight inflexions of Romanian and French culture. It is also comparatively progressive-pansexuality is regarded as the default sexuality on the census, and women have an extremely prominent role in society, where they are often found as mayors or even assistants to the governor. The current Fascist regime discourages religion.

The regime is extremely oppressive, curbing political freedom within the province and completely outlawing free speech. A certain trait of Latineia's fascist regime is the "Policy of Shadows," in which all traces of dissidents and protestors are wiped off the face of the planet, and where it is an unwritten law to forget that you ever had heard of them, or forget that you forgot. This is how powerful the regime's grip on the mind is. The Emperor has never approved of this, but the imperial approach to Latineia has always been laissez-faire, as they would prefer to let them do as they please rather than incite more nationalism. The province has a fairly large military, with brutal training methods. The Latineians are an extremely warlike people.

Latineia is closely tied to the sea, with many festivals in the country devoted to fishing and celebrating the navy, one of the most respected institutions in the province.

Latineia's capital is in Nói-Róma, the largest city in the province, with around 400,000 people. It is expected to grow, with new innovations such as canals, chariot-cars and cable ferries allowing the city to flourish.

As the Empire's authority falters, Latineia will grow more and more willing to result to extreme methods to protect their national sovereignty...

4. State where you would like your nation to be. You can draw where you want your nation to be on the map and I'll add it for you, or just tell me where you want it to be. All nations will be the size of "Roma"

Please place Latineia between Roma and Thraccneia. Please colour it deep maroon.

Thank you!

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Re: Application for Province: Provénca Aplikárci

Post by Drinarius » Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:22 pm

Approved. Remember that this takes place around 100 AD in a fictional country.
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