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The location of all political parties in the Empire.
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  • Optimates
    The Optimates was founded on September 7th 2018 by Khosrow, Sarah, and Rex as the first political party of the Empire of Mare Nostrum. It holds all aspects of the region to be equally important from the Legion to the University to religion. It holds specifically that only the most qualified should serve in the government. Service in the Legion, Senate, or in one of the Tribunates is a required qualification for admission to the party.
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    Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:20 pm
  • Populares
    Founded on September 8th 2018 by Cinna. Stands in the interest of ancient Roman Republican ideals, favouring increased participation of the citizenry in the political process whilst working within the established framework of the empire’s laws. Any citizen may join.
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  • TheIDon'tGiveAShitificanParty
    TheIDon'tGiveAShitificanParty is founded on the basis that people want to be left alone and raiders can fuck off. Founded originally by Walter puppet from Jeff Dunham that was agreed the two major parties sucked cheeks and had attempted to run for presidency in the early 2000s. Now its resurrected as a party that stands for the average joe and smaller peeps that want to left alone, or at least protected under confederacy (not by major government nor by foreign government) and kick out all foreign nationals that associate with raiding and raiders in general. As long they nor others are bother by such factions, TheIDon'tGiveAShiticans don't care.
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    Sun May 05, 2019 11:28 am
  • Cleopatrines
    The Cleopatrine Party is inspired by the reign of Pharaoh Cleopatra VII in Egypt. We advocate strong hereditary monarchy, which we believe to be the only form of government that can ensure lasting peace and stability. We believe in equality of genders and condemn patriarchy. We also strongly promote multiculturalism and multilingualism.
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